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Co-Business Services LLC Announces Official Company Launch

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, a new professional corporate strategy consulting firm is about to rise in Houston, Texas starting June 22, 2020.

Courtney DeVille, Chief Executive Officer of Co-Business Services LLC, said in a statement: “Businesses, especially the small ones and those still touching the water, are having a hard time battling through the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic. Now is the perfect time to extend help and provide innovative solutions to people who need them the most. As

professional solution strategists, we are here to map out the needs of businesses – big and small – and to provide them the necessary tools to achieve a successful future.”

DeVille shared the story behind her company in the same statement. “I came from a family of entrepreneurs, and I got my start as a teenager when my mom needed assistance with the operations of her new business. I then entered senior year in high school without knowing yet what I wanted to do in life. As college is fast-approaching, I took my time, went my own pace, and joined organizations aligned with my advocacies.”

DeVille narrated how she joined Americorps and volunteered 1,500 hours of her time in helping others, as well as joining Project Build a Future where she served as an Administrative Assistant to the Director.

“The time I spent helping others contributed a lot to who I am today. From then and there, I realized what I wanted to do as a career – to help other people. From then and there, I realized my love for assisting directors, organizations, and entrepreneurs. From then and there, I found peace and joy in seeing others grow, succeed, and achieve their dreams,” said DeVille.

DeVille’s newfound passion, just like a bedrock amidst the raging river of life, became a solid foundation that served as her guiding principle in making pertinent life decisions. She has worked as an executive assistant and business advocate for different companies since 2013, assisting small business owners to secure contracting opportunities and managing operations. Now, years after realizing where her heart lies, she has been given the opportunity to turn her passion into a vocation.

“At Co-Business Services, my story is our story. Our company is committed to helping others – may it be businesses, startups, associations, or organizations – achieve their goals one step at a time.”

DeVille ended her statement with a public invitation: “We can’t wait to start setting your brand and company on the path to success. We look forward to working with our future clients. For now, please follow us on our social media accounts. Reach out to us. Let us help make your dreams a reality.” ###

7676 Hillmont St., #191 Houston, Texas 77040 (281) 826-4122





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